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Discussion in ' Solid State ' started by lineartechOct 10, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 7. I have around ten receivers and about five vintage receivers. I am not into tube amps. Messages: 5, Location: Helena, Montana. In no particular order. I snuck the Fisher in even though you don't like tubes. Last edited: Oct 10, Messages: 56, Location: Fort Dodge, Iowa.

What do you consider affordable? EntwarOak likes this. But you can't beat the HKs for value for the money, especially the iterations. Blue ShadowOct 10, Messages: 28, You might want to check out some of the vintage Sony receivers. The STRfw gets a lot of love and is priced accordingly but the others from around the same time are also nice and won't set you back much. Sony's rep has been soiled by making a ton of everything good and bad, but their vintage gear is excellent.

Also, the STRsd from a bit later late '70s was one of the better sounding receivers I've had. JohnVFOct 10, Messages: 6, Location: Iowa City. You want affordable? Buy one of the totl receivers from the manufacturer of your choice so you don't have to buy ten or twenty of the low to mid level receivers. I have an Echowars SX and no desire to own any of the lesser Pioneer receivers. Maybe an SX but that was totl from a different time period. Where are the Kenwood receivers here?

They had some pretty good stuff on good prices! Messages: 8, Location: Brooklyn NY. JohnVFOct 11, Messages: Location: Conway, AR. It all personal preference, but you can get a decent wattage Marantz for not too much money, and if it is anything like myit will produce sweet, sweet sounds.Each issue of Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture.

Inside, you'll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design. The stunningly designed Gear Patrol Magazine is ready for your coffee table. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. More than a few audiophiles will contend that Marantz receivers from the s epitomize the pinnacle of the solid-state hi-fi era, a time when great sound was a common interest and not a niche hobby.

Marantz was founded in in New York, but the company had moved its primary manufacturing facilities to Japan and Belgium by the late 60s and 70s; this allowed the fast-growing company to maintain its high-quality standards while keeping prices reasonable. During the s Marantz entered a series of mergers and acquisitions that banged the company around like a pin-ball racking up points for shareholders. When a 70s Marantz integrated is working at full capacity, few stereos can compete with the warm, full, graceful and 3D sound.

No one is going to argue with the visual appeal of those blue lights, the brushed aluminum faceplates, the funky serif fonts, or the knobs, buttons, and sliders that are weighted perfectly for the human touch.

Best Vintage Stereo Receivers of All Time

Inthe United Nations estimated worldwide electronic waste discarded each year to be roughly 50 million metric tons over billion pounds — and that was before the iPhone got us tossing out mini computers, chargers, earbuds, cables, and packaging every couple years. To get anything this robust from a modern offering will cost you dearly. Vintage Marantz integrated receivers have an avid cult following, which has resulted in a slew of currently produced replacement parts, from LED lamps to capacitors to tuning wheel cables, faceplates and lovely hardwood cabinets.

More importantly, there are a number of people who specialize in servicing vintage Marantz receivers. All of this cult activity makes acquiring and maintaining a vintage Marantz downright do-able. Need Bluetooth? There are two ways to go: get a beat up model and have it serviced or buy one fully restored and ready for another half-century of trouble-free service.

Obviously, the latter approach is a more ready one, but for those willing to take on a DIY or hired-out project, fixing up a beater can be quite rewarding. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a vintage Marantz receiver. Make sure it looks good and clean. Any heavy visual damage like a dent or water stains indicates misuse, while scratches are just normal wear and can be tolerated. Any pitting on the metal faceplate indicates the possibility of mold or corrosion from having been stored in a wet environment like a basement, so avoid that.

Try to get a picture of the inside; even if you know nothing about electronics, massive amounts of dust, pet hair or corrosion indicates the possibility of electrical and mechanical damage. Make sure to ask if there are any malfunctioning features, including sticking buttons or malfunctioning pots the electrical thingy that turns behind the knob.

Scratchy pots are tolerable, and sometimes just need to be used to discharge dust and static, but anything that cuts the sound out entirely on either or both channels should be avoided. Make sure all inputs are working. Perhaps ask for a video of the seller running the unit through its paces on all inputs some sellers offer these videos.

vintage receivers

This is easy to see via the feedback systems on eBay and Etsy. Better yet, get on the phone and discuss your purchase with the seller.

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A basic thing to understand with vintage Marantz receivers is: as the numbers get bigger, so too does the power and the feature set. You can find just about any model after a short google search.The Receivers of the s and s live forever here at the Shack! In some seriously good music … Read More. The Big Kahuna! The most powerful Receiver of its time! What … Read More. Will share the process of … Read More.

Sanyo is not considered a sexy brand today with its corporate focus in components, solar cells and batteries. And you thought glowing blue electronic devices were only a new millennium thing! Back in the s Pioneer produced some stunning gear, however when … Read More.

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what are the top ten affordable vintage receivers?

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Onkyo TX 2 channel Stereo Receiver. Currently unavailable. The Onkyo TX is an unusually inexpensive stereo amplifier, with only a small number of frills. I was able to get the machine up and running with only a few minutes of set-up time, where I plugged in my speakers, compact disc player, Bang and Olufsen Biogram TX2 phonograph, the AM antenna and FM antenna that come with the Onkyo receiver, and of course the power.

The volume knob goes up to "80" and I found that a setting of about "70" did a great job at filling a living room of dimensions of 15 feet by 30 feet with abundant quantities of glorious sound! The rear of the unit has sockets for the AM antenna and FM antenna which come with the unitfasteners See All Buying Options.

This is my second Sangean Radio purchase. I was so impressed with that radio that I purchased this one for my living room. Sangean makes some of the best sounding table top radios on the market. This particular one is stereo with a subwoofer. The sound is rich and fills the room like a much larger unit would. It is a good looking retro-style radio that is simple to use and is simple in function.

This radio has a 3. The tuning and reception of AM and FM is superb. The built-in antenna works well. There is an F connector for 75 ohm cable on the back to connect an external FM antenna.

I've owned and used one of these since buying it new in the late s or early s. Although you can't see it very well in the photos because the unit's not turned on, it has both a "digital frequency meter" to the right of the glass area and an "analog frequency meter" a pointer swinging over an old-fashioned frequency scale to the left. It was sold when electronics were shifting from analog to digital displays before the Internet; WiFi; Bluetooth; cell phones—even clamshells; calculators that did more that add, subtract, multiply, and divide; and flat-screen TVs and Technics wanted to appeal to buyers more comfortable with analog displays.

It's a honey! It was the first piece of stereo equipment I bought after graduating with my first Bachelor's degree. I no longer use it to power the sound system in my livingI have compiled a list of recent sales for many of the popular vintage receivers.

You can scroll through the list to find the brand you are interested in and then read the titles for specific information on the model etc. All listings are completed so the price listed is the final sale price. Works Great! Fully serviced! No sound. From Beautiful, Great Condition. Audiophile Quality, Fully Operational. Works as it should.

Buying used/vintage audio, here’s what you need to know

FREE Shipping!! None nicer!!!! Complete with all tubes. No reserve LOOK! I strongly agree the nad is the pick of the litter. I have noticed on several searches that Kenwwod KR 2-Four rarely shows up with any infowhy is that? I had a Toshiba that was an absolute power monster and had all the controls and dubbing capacity you could ever want.

I have a Pioneer sx that I bought new in Looks brand new. I need to replace the a,b,c speaker switches and having trouble findind. I had JBL rebuild my Decade 36 speakers but. Any suggestions appreciated. I am willing to buy technics watts receiver pioneer watts marzantz powerful monster receiver. Hi, Here this is prabhakaran from India, i would like to buy this Marantz Stereo Receiver vintage receivers, and really searching for Vintage receivers.

You can find then buy monster receivers one of several ways.Please visit the Classic-Audio Partners! Please surf around the site and check everything out, particularly the FAQ and the Tips and Tricks pages, which contain all kinds of little nuggets of information.

If you have any additional knowledge of any kind about any of the units mentioned here or not mentioned here! These pages are generated from a custom database I designed. The database is set up such that any specification or feature can be added for any unit or units. Because of this, over time I have been able to create a detailed online resource, always increasing in accuracy, for all Marantz Classic lovers.

Vintage Receivers (1)

I continue to work constantly to gather up everything I can find out, and with your help, I can do even better. If you own a particular unit, or have the the specifications in your manualthen please send anything along that you don't see listed for your unit s.

I'll add anything I can learn about any unit you see here. When you're browsing the database, each unit has an email link that will format an email specifically about that unit from you directly to me. Finally, if you have a unit that is not listed here, and it's or earlier let me know and I'll add it to the database.

You can easily identify these units, as they do not have any letter prefixes on the model number such as PM or SR. I hope you enjoy visiting the site as much as I do developing it. Thank you for stopping by, and come back often - new information is added almost every day.

vintage receivers

Reviews The Site. Quad Pres Int Quads Pre Tuners Quad Rec. We have images for page links listed in green.Vintage stereo receivers are popular items for lots of people to accumulate. Some other people buy classic receivers since they desire that style to operate their vintage electronics.

Everyone knows that a vintage receiver will provide some of the best sounding music. Whether your playing an instrument or listening to your favourite CDs, stereo vintage receivers will give you the sound that thrills — pounding full base, crystal clear highs, and an emotionally moving mid-range. There is nothing like the sound of the tubes amplifier. You can pick up vintage gear from such manufacturers as Kenwood, McIntosh, Dynakit, Marantz, Pioneer, and other great, great audio builders.

Buying the best vintage receiver can give people the peace of mind knowing that these items have already been rated and have been determined to be of excellent quality and trustworthy.

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Comprehending features that these vintage systems have is also essential to make sure that people pick one that best suits their needs.

There many several types of some that stand out among the remainder and classic stereo receivers, some of which share the same features as others. The best vintage receivers listed below are ones that have been chosen by consumers as offering the best features over other like models. If folks are genuinely looking for a monster stereo system, this vintage Pioneer SX model is the one that produces all they desire and more. It boasts watt per channel output, which makes it ahead of many other vintage models.

This receiver is quite big, weighing in at around 80 pounds; nevertheless, it is worth its weight in gold as far as the superb sound quality it delivers, which is since this stereo receiver has 12 FET transistors coupled with a massive transformer and large power capacitors.

Among the fantastic things about the Vintage Sansui X stereo receiver is that it is a tuner too. This model was manufactured between and and offered superb sound quality due to the watt per channel output signal. When this version came out, it was rated to be the best by Consumer Reports.

vintage receivers

It comes with two computer screens, two cassette decks, and also two phono outputs as well as one auxiliary input signal. Manufactured between the years of andthis stereo receiver provides 30 watts per channel. Inputs are controlled via standard RCA jacks. It weighs about 32 pounds and comes with a turntable. Even though the stereo receivers made back then were much heavier than those after built, it is difficult to win against the manner a vintage stereo receiver sounds when listening to music.

vintage receivers

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